What Do You Value?

I fall short on so many things every day.  Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is what if I am I falling short on God?

Recently our pastor preached about the 10 commandements and one of them stood out to me more than it ever had before.  Exodus 20 3 I had always thought it was a silly notion that I would have other gods before my God because to me, that meant actively worshiping, bowing down to, and praising a false god.  What never really occurred to me is that having other gods before my God can also be shown in the things I choose to spend my time, money, and conversations on.

As a Christian, my faith should be visible in my life to those around me.  Is it?  If I were to listen to someone else describe me, what number would she’s a Christian fall in their list of what they see in me? Would it be in their list at all?

Most importantly, do my children see God in me?

If you were to look at yourself from the outside; your home, your lifestyle, and listen to your conversations what would you say you value based on what is present most in your life?  Where do you spend your time, your money, and your energy?

These are the hard questions I have been trying to ask myself and I don’t always like the answers.  I should spend more time with God.  I should be more faithful to be at church not just on Sunday morning.  I make excuses because our church is 30 minutes away and it is hard with little ones, but when I think of all God has given me, shouldn’t I put in a little more effort?  Absolutely.

Don’t misunderstand and think that I am saying we shouldn’t care about other things, because that is not only untrue, but impossible.  I still love my family, dogs, elephants, reading, traveling, and the list goes on.  I just want to make sure that I don’t love those things more than I love God.

For thou, LORD, art high above all the earth: thou art exalted above all gods.

Psalms 97:9

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