As you can guess from my lack of posts recently, I have been unbelievably busy! Grayson is now in kindergarten, Fiona is in preschool, Mark and I still work, and now we are also trying to sell our house while simultaneously finding the ideal place for a new one!  In all the craziness, I have found little time for myself and I have barely began the process of Christmas prepping. Yikes!

Is that really so bad though?  Do we really need to stress over gift buying at a time when we should be simply celebrating Christmas with our family?

I mentioned that we are selling our house and when we tell our friends or family this, they immediately ask why.  Their confusion makes sense because we did just move into this house three short years ago and we do love it, the area, the neighborhood, and all the work my husband has put into the back yard.  The thing is, I feel like the more house we have, the more stuff we get to fill it.  My kids have so many toys it is ridiculous and they play with only a handful of them.  Possibly their favorite thing is a rope we hung from a rafter down stairs that they swing on like wild monkeys.  They love to be outside and they love to learn new things.  What better way to let them enjoy being outside while also learning than to have a garden and/or raise some goats or chickens?  We simply can’t do that here.  We want to experience a little more but have a little less.

My husband and I have been searching diligently for land, which has proven to be a challenge.  I suppose everything will work out in God’s time and it is a good thing our house hasn’t sold yet because we are still so undecided on where we will go.  All I know is that I am excited.  By having less, we can have so much more with each other and that means the world to me.  I have a new business venture, Monat, which is already showing to be very profitable, thus allowing me more time with my family already!

So I am not too worried that I haven’t done all my shopping just yet.  I have never asked my kids what they enjoyed most about a day or event and their response be an item, it’s always been an experience, usually with me, each other, or their dad.

Here’s a list of non-toy/thing ideas for those you love:

  • Mommy & Me Spa Day
  • Go Carts
  • Date Night (Can be husband or one of your kiddos!)
  • A Dessert Bar that your kids help create.
  • Kids Cook Night
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Membership to your local Nature/Learning Center

Basically, your time.  Your time is one of the most valuable things you can give your children and even your spouse.

When we move, there will be a limited amount of things that go with us and the thought of decluttering and simplifying make me giddy with joy.

Nobody ever looks back on their life and wishes they’d bought more things, just that they’d had more time.  My salvation will lead me to Heaven and the time and memories I make now will stay here with the ones I love long after I am gone.

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