Paths of Uncertainty

So many things have transpired since I have written anything!

We moved out of our house into an apartment with hopes and plans of finding land and building a house.  As usual, things did not go according to plan.  Things were going according to plan until my husband crushed his foot at work.  Along with his foot, our timeline was crushed with no clear end date in sight.  The land we have been stalking has officially gone under contract, which breaks my heart, but I suppose that just means it wasn’t meant to be.  So here we are, waiting for his foot to heal, living in an apartment, wondering what to do with ourselves.  I’m gonna call this a minor setback.

Minor because this could all be so much worse.  The apartments we are renting are really nice and despite my husband being flustered that he can’t operate like he normally does, or even walk without pain, he is happy-go-lucky and getting to spend more time with the kids.  Aside from this, I feel like life is going rather well!

My sweet sweet girl has made it through her first year of pre-school successfully!  She has grown so much from the day I dropped her off crying and screaming.  I didn’t cry.  At all.  OK FINE, I cried like a baby to the point my eyes were puffy.  It wasn’t my finest moment.

My sweet sweet boy has only a couple weeks left of kindergarten and  I couldn’t be more proud of his progress.  He too cried excessively on day one and, once again, I was strong.  Strongly weeping as I sat in the parking lot wondering if I would be noticed/arrested if I just sat outside the school the whole time he was there.  We had his end of grade meeting today and he is exceeding expectations in everything, which makes me so happy!  One of my favorite things out of his work was when he was asked which super hero he thinks is the best and he chose Optimus Prime, because he is the smartest!  Not the strongest, not the coolest, but the smartest.

Even though life has thrown us some curve balls and created uncertainty in our path, we will continue to trust God and be thankful for the things that are going right! Our kids and their well being and happiness will always be more important than our address.

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