Disney -Behind the Masks

We decided to take a single day trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and while we did have a great time, there were some drawbacks.

If you don’t know, I am a Disney planner and I love planning vacations! I had planned a trip to Clearwater Florida and, because I am addicted to Disney, I looked at the wait times while we were there and decided we had to go. It was going to rain that day where we were anyway, kismet.

We chose Animal Kingdom because it’s one of my favorite parks and has one of our favorite rides that Fiona had not yet been tall enough to ride, Avatar Flight of Passage. We were not disappointed because the wait times were super short and we rode Flight of Passage 4 times, Everest 3 times, and literally every other ride that was open at least once.

What was disappointing was the absence of magic and wearing a mask in Florida heat. This was back in July, so it was HOT and I don’t care what anybody says, a mask in that heat is challenging. If we go again while masks are required, we will definitely wait until it’s cooler and wait until they bring FastPasses back.

FastPass+ options are one of the reasons I love Disney and as crowds increase, the wait times won’t be like they were when we were there, so that will be a key factor in deciding when we want to go back. As of now FastPass+ and Dining Plans have been suspended through the end of the year, but I don’t know if that will be extended into 2021 or not yet, but I suspect FastPass+ will be back.

If you’ve never been to Disney World, this is certainly not the most magical time to go, especially for small kids. During our first trip, Fiona was only two and the characters were so much fun for her. She literally kissed Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) right on the nose. Can you imagine THAT happening right now!? If you have been, or your kids are not particularly excited about the characters, this might be a great time to go.

There is also the inherent health risk. What I will say is that they are taking all the precautions, you’re outside a lot, and of course they do a health screening upon entry to the parks. If you are considered high risk, don’t go. If you aren’t and you are willing to follow all the protocols, this may be a good time for you to visit, but I would still wait until early 2021 in hopes that they will bring back FastPass+!

My kids had a blast on our day trip, masks and all! They love rides and they still got to have a delicious DoleWhip. I asked them if they would want to go again, even with masks, and they both immediately said yes. We walked over 11 miles that day in masks and still had fun… I’m pretty sure I died for a moment once I sat down in the car, but still, fun.

I would be happy to quote a trip for you, and don’t forget, it doesn’t cost you anything extra for me to do so. You pay a travel service fee even when you don’t use a travel service. So use one, specifically, me. *gentle hint* If you’re searching for a great Christmas gift, I can plan your trip for early next year! There are some great discounts right now, and I can send you a fun certificate for your family to open on Christmas morning.

  • Have you traveled anywhere during this pandemic?
  • Did you feel safe?
  • What precautions did you take?
  • Did you quarantine or get tested once you got back?

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