I Am A Liar

Ok, so I am so deep into this Santa thing that I am not sure how to get out.

I keep thinking, yay, my kids are getting old enough I can explain this to them. Then there’s the fact that they are old enough to notice and appreciate all the cool stuff our elves do and little magic that makes Christmas/Santa so fun! HOW DOES IT END!? Yes, I have read the sweet letters parents have written and I know how to explain it, but I legitimately enjoy the excitement over their discoveries.

I now understand how pathological liars can’t stop themselves. Just today, the kids brought me a rock with a door painted on it and said “this must be the elves’ magic portal!” Without batting an eye, I said “Oh my gosh, it must be!” Who even am I?

It’s just so much fun. We don’t do huge a Santa gift because I hate the idea of my kid potentially getting “more” from Santa than a less fortunate kid. However, we do plenty of magic throughout the season and I enjoy it as much as they do. In my simple mom brain, I think as soon as I tell them that they did see mommy kissing Santa, they will immediately be adults, enrolling in college, driving, and moving out.

This year, neither of them had any idea what they wanted to ask Santa for, so SANTA IMPROVISED! Now, they’ve both thought of something they might like. Of course it’s not too late, Santa is magic. *mutters under breath* Crap.

There was the time Grayson got Heely’s as his Santa gift and some kid asked him how much they were and he responded, “they were zero dollars, Santa got them for me!” Last year, Fiona’s Santa gift broke, so we took it to Target as I glared my eyes like a fool at the cashier handing her the letter from Santa (the flipping receipt) and obtained our Santa credit for her to pick something out in exchange.

There’s the guilt because both my kids are super sweet and not crazy about “things” so they literally never ask me and Mark for anything specific, but they don’t mind asking Santa, because it doesn’t cost him anything… The fact that they consider that is another reason I am just in too deep.

We like to travel and do things in place of gifts, but this year, that has been a heck of a challenge. We also love to get together with our friends and family, but again, a heck of a challenge!

Being home a lot does give plenty of time for cookies, movies, hot chocolate, and games though! (queue added weight directly to my thighs) We have been enjoying that immensely.

I feel like life has already been such a challenge this year, if I can expand the magical part of Christmas, why not?

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