New Year, Same Me

Every year, people put all this pressure on themselves to become more, accomplish more, or do more. Don’t do that. Pressure is a killer of success and happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally in favor of bettering yourself, but do it in a way that makes you happy. Don’t hold yourself to the societal standards of what happiness should look like. Set goals that you want to achieve, not goals you think you should achieve to maintain a facade. Daily goals are better than yearly ones anyway. If you set a goal for yourself at the beginning of a new year and make a misstep, well, you’ve failed your whole year. If you set a daily goal instead, you just had an off day and you can start fresh tomorrow.

Set happiness goals, not status goals. Set health goals, not appearance goals. Set growth goals, not end result goals. Be kind to yourself. You’re not so bad, don’t feel the need to throw the “old you” away and start fresh.

Our experiences make us who we are and the struggles we have along the way make us stronger. This year, and frankly, the year prior have been pretty rough on me, but I have grown and accepted myself as I am more than I ever did when things were easier. I’ve always been thankful for my family, but I have got to spend more time with them this year and that has been amazing.

Forget what other people think. They aren’t living your life, you are.

New year, same you, new outlook.

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