Better Than You

I am better than you because I have a big house.

I am better than you because I don’t need a big fancy house to be happy.

I am better than you because I am free of debt and live on my own terms.

Why are people like this? Who cares? Live the life you want and be happy in it. If your house is big because that’s what you want, great. But don’t place yourself above someone who doesn’t want/can’t afford a mansion. If you choose to live in a small humble house, great. But don’t think you’re any less vain or happier because you don’t need all that “stuff”. If you choose to move about freely from an RV or camper, good for you. I love that people have the time and knowhow to do that. But just because living a simple life, staying close to home, doesn’t suit you, does not make you superior.

It makes us all different. When did we stop appreciating our differences and start comparing them in an attempt to measure the worth of a person.

I do occasionally feel sorry for people who seem to accommodate for human interaction with material things, but that’s really not my place. I don’t know that’s what they are doing. They may have amazing relationships that they value greatly, they just also have a lot of things.

Then there is the inevitable pity we all tend to have for those less fortunate. By what standard are they less fortunate? I grew up financially poor but I was loved. I was never hungry. Do what you can do for people who have needs, but don’t pity them in the process.

Do you ever listen to the stories that people have about their lives and realize how amazing they are? Even if they are living in, what you might consider to be, shambles.

I do feel like we’ve gotten better at being kind to people who we see as unfortunate, but what about those that are more fortunate? People tend to be quick to assume certain things about a person, simply because of their wealth. As if, somehow, those people don’t have feelings that can be hurt just as easily as the poor kid that lives across town.

The level of entitlement and insecurity on every front is astounding, really. We either feel entitled to our opinions and how much better we are than someone else, or we project negativity onto other people to hide our own insecurities.

Just don’t.

Celebrate differences as they are and call them what they are. I am so tired of the constant blur between equality and acceptance. We aren’t equal and we aren’t meant to be. Try putting diesel in your vehicle instead of regular gas. (disclaimer:DO NOT DO THAT) It won’t work out well. Just because they look similar and are both types of fuel, they are not interchangeable. Sugar and flour, oil and vinegar, dirt and sand, they all have their own purpose and that’s okay.

Imagine how boring life would be if everyone were actually the same…Think of people who have imagined movies, written books, designed bridges, created recipes, and discovered how to fly a plane! These are all different people with different personalities and different ways of processing information. We can’t all think/be the same. If we were, we would probably be extinct.

Move on and appreciate that someone else can do something you can’t and that you can do something that someone else can’t. That doesn’t make either of you better. It makes both of you valuable assets to a team.

As a woman, I think we often get the most flack for our personal and professional choices. Someone is always lurking behind a bush to give us crap over choosing to work, choosing to raise a family, or choosing to do both. Move on and shut it. Harsh? I don’t care. While I am at it, a man who decides to pay for things to be done around his house is no less of a man than one who does them himself. He may be busier or that’s simply not his skill. Who cares?

In a country that is supposed to be the very definition of freedom, people seem bent on fitting into little boxes for someone else to see. Even as I write this, I can’t help but worry that I’ll make someone I love mad in some way, even though it isn’t my intention. There is a fine line between speaking your truth and being a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.

A lot of people feel the need to share their opinion when it is not solicited, but here’s the thing, don’t share your opinion on the internet and get mad when someone disagrees with it. If you can’t handle a counter, don’t put it out there. When someone disagrees with you, what if, just once, you listened to what they had to say with an open mind? I try my absolute best to do that.

What if we viewed psychological attributes in the same way we view physical differences? Personality and temperment hold more value than our physical appearance ten times over, but people simply don’t value it in the same way. It’s true, you can’t see a person’s personality like you can their skin color, hair style, or outfit, so how are you supposed to make assumptions about people if not by those things? Here’s a thought. Don’t make assumptions about people.

How well do you even know yourself? The more you learn about yourself, the better you can process things around you. You may not respond to things the same way other people do, and that’s okay. Be you and forget the rest. Let other people be themselves. We all took the Myers Briggs personality test in school, do you remember what you were? Did it help you in any way? Here’s a free version for fun. Maybe you’ll learn something new about you.

Did you take the test? Do you feel like your results fit you? Here are my results. It’s pretty spot on, but what I find funny is that I have a harder time accepting the positive attributes than I do the weaknesses. Is this true for anyone else?

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