Better Than You

I am better than you because I have a big house. I am better than you because I don’t need a big fancy house to be happy. I am better than you because I am free of debt and live on my own terms. Why are people like this? Who cares? Live the life you […]


I hear a lot of people, especially people who like to call themselves religious, talking about how they aren’t respected as they feel they should be. I can’t help but wonder, if that has anything to do with how unkind so many of them are? Don’t mistake a religious person for a Christian, because they […]

Childhood Loading….

Does anyone else feel like their kids’ childhood has been paused in a way? Since Covid began, it’s been all consuming and while I understand the severity of the virus, I hate that this time has been so horrible for some kids. I feel like we have been really lucky and I think my kids […]


Do you ever really think about your senses? Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Each sense plays a key role in our lives every day but most people don’t even notice just how much. Sight is likely our most utilized sense, or at least the one we are most aware of, especially in a socially […]

I Am A Liar

Ok, so I am so deep into this Santa thing that I am not sure how to get out. I keep thinking, yay, my kids are getting old enough I can explain this to them. Then there’s the fact that they are old enough to notice and appreciate all the cool stuff our elves do […]